Boost Box

The Boost Box is a new electronic boost controller for the Dodge Neon SRT-4. The Boost Box is remarkable in its simplicity and power. Here are the major features:


Boost by Gear

The Boost Box automatically determines which gear you are in and adjusts your boost level to your desired setting. This is crucial for maximizing the performance of high horsepower street driven cars! You can easily limit power in lower gears and still have full boost in higher gears.

Adaptive Tuning

The Boost Box can automatically learn its calibration as needed to make the amount of boost you program. This helps simplify the tuning process. Or if you prefer, you can take over full control using our Windows software. 

Throttle Position Sensor Input

The Boost Box monitors your throttle position to adjust boost as needed, eliminating part-throttle overboost. 

Easy Installation

The Boost Box installation simple. It only requires splicing 6 wires! It can work with your existing solenoid and map sensor. The connections are:

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Windows Software

Our Windows software makes setting up the Boost Box easy. You can download the software here.  Just like the WOT Box, our Boost Box software upgrades are free.

Compatibility with the WOT Box

Not only is the Boost Box compatible with the WOT Box, it can be turned into one. Just load our WOT Box software onto your Boost Box and it can become a WOT Box. Similarly, a Dual Feature WOT Box can be converted into a Boost Box by loading the Boost Box software. However, the two features cannot be used at the same since the wiring is different for the two functions. If you want both options, order our WOT Box / Boost Box combo and we'll send you two boxes at a discount!

Included in the kit

Boost Box

USB to Serial adapter

Universal wiring harness

Heat-shrink tubing

Ground lug

Zip Ties

Installation Instructions

Compatible Vehicles

Dodge Neon SRT-4

We are working on bringing the Boost Box to other cars.