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Boost Box Software

Boost Box Software


USB to Serial Driver


Install the driver. USB to Serial Driver

Make sure you get the message “The driver is successfully Pre-Installed in Advance!” If you do not see that message, reboot the computer and try again. Finally, reboot the computer and THEN plug in the USB to serial adapter.

Make sure you have selected the correct com port. You determine which port is correct by doing the following. Close the N2MB software, unplug the USB to serial adapter. Open the N2MB software and note all the com ports that are listed. The correct one will not be any of these. Close the software again. Reconnect the USB to serial adapter to the computer. Restart the N2MB software. The new com port that shows up will be the right one. If no new ports show up, then you need to install or reinstall the driver for the USB to serial adapter.

To connect:

Open the Boost Box Software. Boost Box Software

Make sure the Boost Box is receiving power from the car before using the Boost Box Software.

The LED on the Boost Box must be on for the software to connect.

Select the correct com port using the instructions above.

Click read. If you receive an error, click read again to retry the read. It may fail on the first or second try if there is an error with the USB to serial adapter.