User Guide


To use the WOT Shift feature, keep your foot fully on the gas and shift quickly using the clutch. Keep the gas fully depressed through the shift. The WOT Box will detect the clutch switch signal and briefly cut the ignition and fuel to enable an effortless shift.

To use the 2-Step feature, fully depress the clutch. Next, fully depress the gas. The engine will rev up and hold the RPM that you have set. The 2-step will not engage if you are not at wide open throttle, so you must fully press down the gas pedal. If you ease into it, it will not engage. This is to prevent the 2-step from engaging during normal driving. Release the clutch while leaving the gas fully depressed to launch the car.


The WOT Box version 2.1 and up comes preset for an automatic WOT Shift kill time. This means that the WOT Box will automatically adjust the kill time to your shift time, up to a maximum of 350 ms. If you would like manual control over the WOT Shift kill time, start the car and hold down the button on the module and wait for the LED to begin to blink. Using the chart below, find the number of blinks that corresponds to the kill time that you want to set. Setting 0 blinks will disable the WOT Shift feature and setting 1 blink will set the automatic kill time mode. When you have reached the number of blinks that match your desired setting, simply let go of the button. To confirm, the WOT Box will blink back out the setting you entered.

The WOT Box comes preset for a 2-step RPM of 4000. To set the 2-Step RPM, repeat the same procedure described above, but keep the clutch down during the entire operation. This will signify to the WOT Box that you want to set the 2-step RPM and not the WOT Shift kill time. Use the second chart provided below to match up the desired RPM with the number of blinks. Setting 0 blinks will disable the 2-Step feature.

Ignition Cut Time Chart - Set with the clutch UP

2-Step RPM Chart - Set with the clutch DOWN