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All is can say is OMGWTFBBQ!!!!! 

Whatever he and John did to my car, I can consistently WOT shift like it's BUTTER. It is beyond amazing!!! I cannot wait to get to the track and try the car out now.

On the way home, all I did was WOT shift like I was playing a video game. 

No grinding, no miss shifts and stayed in BOOST. 

Quote: Originally Posted by xSugarSportsInstalled my last night . 

Two step sounds mean and holds 100% where its set, and my god is WOT shifting amazing. Shifts like butter and holds boost through out.

Best mod so far, hands down.

Quote: Originally Posted by stage3mattthere is no thinking involved. The WOT box by itself is IMO the best mod dollar for dollar that you can put in a car and is still one of the best mods I've done to my car. Now add in a free 2 step and this is seriously an amazing product all over again. There's nothing like the smile that effortless WOT shifting brings to your face

Quote: Originally Posted by jason's red srt-4Hi, just wanted to let you know that I did a lot of driving this weekend. The WOT shifting is working great. Probably one of the greatest things I have put on my car. And the 2 step is working perfect. I tried launching with it set at 3200, im not good at launching, so I had a lot of wheel hop but it is working great. I will be going to the track the end of this month and I will be running slicks at raising the 2 step to around 5200 and I will keep you up dated about my times and how it is working. Thanks again this is a great product. Jason

Quote: Originally Posted by megatoninduk2product is great love the box and 2 step is easy to use and easy to adjust. Instructions are very clear and yes it is dollar for dollar one of the best mods i have seen. Once i actually get all of the bugs worked out on my car I'll be posting plenty of vids launching at the track on it and wot shifting with it. Just no one make the mistake i did and try to flash the box with the car off!!! Thanks guys for the amazing product!!!!

Quote: Originally Posted by bsbobIt's the FIRST real good night since my INSTALL. The car is just SCREAMING through the gears! THIS is hands down THE BEST <expletive deleted> 150.00 BUCKS YOU CAN SPEND! My car is FAST again, despite the 200 pounds of AV gear! So now it's a 12.20 instead of a 12.00 , E TOWN SUMMER SLAM, HERE WE COME! BSBOB

Quote: Originally Posted by winker2112

Got the wot box from realtune gb, and installed it tonight. Took about 20 min to install (I have some wiring experience to say the least). I took the long way home to hit some wot friendly roads, because I was dying to see what everyone was raving about.

Have to say that prior to tonight I could count on one hand how many times i've wot shifted my car since I got it in 03. Doubled that on the way home tonight. First shift (still set on default) was nerve racking because it's hard for me to force a wot shift unless i'm in the state of adrenaline where i'll do anything to get a win... wot third gear, clutch in/shift as ignition cuts on cue, smoke a cigarette and have a cup of coffee (default setting is a lil on the safe side lol), ignition comes back, car boogies. Shifted like the car was off sitting in my driveway.

Smile from ear to ear as I scramble for the wot box to adjust it. Set it to what ever 6 flashes is... go at it again. Amazing. Still a lil long, but now it's clear that this is the best mod i've done to this car. So little effort to get it in gear a toddler could do it. Cuts and comes back so smooth and fast you almost feel like you missed it and wanna slow down to do it again. Car just pulls now like an infinite power band (dbb 50 trim helps too), but combined with the nde tcs system this car just wants to go!

Can't wait to adjust it to my shift skill level, and wot shift all up and down this town.

Well done N2MB. Whoever was skeptical like me, get over it, and go buy this. Sell your puppies and xboxes if you can't afford it. You won't regret it.

Sorry for the rant. Now go buy it.


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Originally Posted by awansaucefirst off you maybe wondering what a WOT box is?!?! for all that do not know... please refer to it will give you all the information you need need to know about the WOT BOX. Oh and did i metion it comes with a 2-step!

Now today i was the first wrx sti to have one installed by n2mb, and boy i am speachless. first off the two guys who created the WOT box John and Jay are two of the nicest guys ever. After installing 4 other WOT boxes they finished the day with my car at a memorial day meet. So back to the WOT box, it is the most unblieveable thing ever!!! let me tell you shifting is so smooth and so quick now i honestly was speachless with just a smile on my face from ear to ear when i got out of the car. it kept me in boost the entire time!!! you will definatly shave some time off you track times with this! i highly recommend buying the WOT box which is $299 from it maybe the best $299 you have ever spent in your life! for more information about this pm me or check out their websight!

ps. i will post a video of this soon!

WOT Box WOT Shifting Videos

Watch as 1badsrt-4 goes from 12.0 in the quarter mile to 11.3 just by adding the WOT Box!

Watch as mpbiv goes from 12.6 in the quarter mile to 12.1 just by adding the WOT Box!

WOT Box 2-Step Videos

2-Step on a customer's car. The fuel cut is connected. The 2-step RPM is set to 5000.

WOT Box 2-step set at 5400 RPM, using ignition cut only

2-Step Launch control used to launch a Mazda Speed 3

WOT Box on the 350Z



2-Step on the 350Z

4000 RPM - View of the Tachometer 

4000 RPM - View of the Boost Gauge

5000 RPM - View of the Tachometer

3000 RPM - Outside the car

4000 RPM - Outside the car

4000 RPM - Inside the car