What is an Automatic Transmission Code Scrubber and why do I need it?

Good question. For whatever reason, the Mopar Stage 2 with toys and all Stage 3 PCMs are programmed to "think" that they have an automatic transmission. Since 99.9999% of us do not have the aforementioned automatic transmission, the PCM will fail numerous tests and set trouble codes P0846, P0871 and P0888.

Trouble codes? What trouble codes? I don't see any trouble codes!

These codes are not visible through the usual ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON key trick. They are only visible from a code scanner connected to the OBD port.

Ok, I'll believe you. Why should I care? My car runs great!

Indeed, these codes do not appear to affect the operation of the vehicle. However, if you live in one of these areas of the US you will have difficulty passing inspection with any trouble codes set. Our product simulates the workings of an automatic transmission so that PCM will not set these codes.

<insert name here> said no one can fool the PCM, so you must be selling snake oil.

We are not "fooling" the PCM into anything. We make electronics that remove the TCM response from the PCM leave the ECU OBD response. Our product has been proven by members of SRTForums. If you don't believe us, ask them.

Will this fix P0633 ?

No. However, that code can be fixed with these instructions.

I don't need this. I can just swap back my Stage 0 PCM when I need to get tested.

We've been there and tried that. All we can say is, good luck. You'll need to go completely back to stock. That means everything. When you think about the amount of hard labor that takes and multiply it by every 1 or 2 years, we think you'll find our code scrubber a very attractive alternative.

How long does it take to install the transmission simulator, then?

About 15 minutes. There are some wires to splice, but it is very simple. We will post detailed installation instructions soon.

What if I sell my S2/S3 kit to someone else? My transmission simulator won't work on their car?

The Code Scrubber will only work on the first vehicle it is connected to. If you need to transfer it to another vehicle, we can reset the VIN number that was burned into the device during the first connection. The reflash service costs $25 and includes shipping in both directions.

Is there a warranty on your products?

We believe in the engineering of our products, so we offer a standard 3 year warranty on everything we sell. However, the standard disclaimer applies. See below.

Should I turn off the Code Scrubber?

The scrubber must be on for it to be operational. You can leave it on all the time. One reason to turn it off is if you are trying to debug problems with devices on the OBD bus. Another reason is that there is a very slight power savings by turning it off, but not enough to be concerned about.

How big is the Code Scrubber?

The outside dimensions of the box, not including the mounting flanges are 1.575" x 1.575" x 0.787". A blueprint for the enclosure is available here.